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Czech Document Certification

We can issue your Czech translations with a range of certification types, depending on the document type and the level of authentication required. These are outlined below. For more details on our translation and document preparation services, please click here.

Certification of translations:

1. By the translator

The translation agency or the translator themselves will certify the translations that they have prepared for you. This certification confirms that the translation is an accurate Czech to English or English to Czech translation, and that it is true to the original.

The cost is included in the cost of the translation, although an extra charge may be applied if additional certified copies of the translation are required. Please click here to see our competitive prices.

2. By a solicitor or notary

This authenticates the signature of the translator providing certification of the translation. The translation is attached to a copy of the original document and to a statutory declaration. The translator signs the translation to certify its accuracy as described above, in the presence of a notary or solicitor who subsequently attests to the authenticity of the translator’s signature.

Depending on the seal required, the cost of this certification will be between €15 and €25.

Czech Document Legalization

To legalize a document, a solicitor or notary public certifies that the document originates from Ireland and was prepared in this country. We normally charge €15¬¬-€25 for this service.

If you desire to use the document abroad, the document may need to be issued with an Apostille stamp. For more information, please click here or visit our partners at www.apostille.ie.

Certification of Copies of the Original Document

If required, we can certify that copies of the original are true and accurate to the original. Depending on the seal required, this may cost between €10 and €15.

Notarized Translations of Czech documents

In some cases where a Czech translation is to be used abroad, a notary translation may be required. This involves certification of the translation by a notary and is required if the document is to be used in a country where Czech is not the official language, such as a Czech document destined for use in Ireland. These may also require an Apostille stamp to confirm their country of origin. Our partners in Prague can certify, legalize or Apostille any document prepared in the Czech Republic or Slovakia for use in Ireland or abroad. Please see our Apostille section for more information by clicking here.

We want to provide you with the best service we can. In order to ensure your document is prepared in the most appropriate way, we ask that you inform us of the purpose of the translation and of the type of certification required. We can only certify documents translated by our translators. If however you already have a translation of the document, we can first validate the translation in order that we can certify the document by any of the methods described above.

If you have any questions regarding the type of certification that is right for you or regarding validation of a previously translated document, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by email on mateusz@ales.ie, call us on 085 103 52 52 or visit us in person at our Dublin offices (see our contact us section for more information).


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